Z8881 EraseZir Zirconia Diamond Burs
Z8881 EraseZir Zirconia Diamond Burs
Diamond Burs Grit Sizes
Diamond Burs Friction Grip
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Z8881 EraseZir Zirconia Diamonds

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Z8881 EraseZir Zirconia Diamonds are created with diamond particles that are manufactured in a laboratory using HPHT technology (High Pressure, High Temperature). This renders each particle as identically shaped octahedrons. Due to the uniform shape and acute angles of each diamond particle, cutting tools coated with HPHT diamond aggregate are able to cut super-hard materials (like zirconia & lithium discilicate) more efficiently than diamonds coated with natural diamond particles. This difference is what makes cutting, adjusting and polishing zirconia crowns a fast and easy process.

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